Lesmills & UNICEF Move the World with Water
Scott Martin Tampa United States (USA)

Lesmills & UNICEF Move the World with Water

Growing up it was a regular occurrence to have our water cut off due to non payment. I remember how hard it was to do the simplest of things: take a shower, brush my teeth, use the restroom (could get a few in before things got weird)....Living in the US, legal or not my brothers and i would use a big wrench and walk out to the water meter to cut it back on our selfs ( we knew where the water meter was , for we just watch the city worker use his own wrench to cut it off).. Yes i know this was illegal, immoral & theft......but until you have walked that walk. Like many, we went without electricity often as well,.....anyone that has been here knows that you take water over electricity, period. It really is essential to life. This gimps into my adolescence isn’t intended to be a sob story but an rather an eye opener. Now can you imagine not even having the ability to even steal your own water? I’m not talking about using the restroom, brushing your teeth, or even a cold shower.... i mean water to DRINK!!!!!! WHAT?? As a Health and Wellness professional i drink at least a gallon or two a day without thought. Around the world 2.1 BILLION people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Lesmills and UNICEF have partnered up with the intention of helping to create a solution for our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world. Absolutely 100% off the donations go straight to this cause. Today I donated cash I made from my 5:30am BODYPUMP™ class. For $414.00 UNICEFF is able to purchase and install one water pump. One water pump will help many live a healthier life. My personal goal is to raise enough money for 5 water pump, for these people do not have a wrench to steal their own water. That’s why, on November 18, I’m taking part in a Workout for Water to help raise funds for UNICEF and build life-changing clean water pumps in East Africa. For every dollar raised i will complete one of the following exercises. 1) Burpee 2) Jump squat 3) Push up 4) Plyo lunge 5) Pull Up Total number of dollars raised = total number of repetitions completed. My goal is to supply 7 water pumps. That would be around $2,898 or 2,898 reps. Lets get behind this critical cause. ***If you are an Instructor, running your own Workout for Water class then please create your own fundraising page and spread the word to your members. Together we can knock that 2.1 Billion number down. 💙💦💙💦

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Target: US $2,898
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Lesmills & UNICEF Move the World with Water
Scott Martin
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